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Breaking news, we have just taken an order for over 30 Batak Walls, unfortunatley to be hired on the same day. With our own extensive stock of over ten Batak walls, and Batak Lites, we have used our preferred suppliers to cover the rest of the events. The client is very happy all the venues can have the promotion on the same day. We have a large range of stock of most items ourself, but when we get large orders we use our preferred suppliers to help out, and vice versa. We look forward to find out who will be winning the holiday from this nationwide promotion.

No matter how organised or well-planned an event is, sometimes things go wrong; most of the time these situations are due to things that are out of our control; the kitchen runs out of soup, a speaker cancels at the last minute. But what are the main causes of corporate events going awry and how can we avoid the unavoidable? Error One: Being too confident It's a bit of a weird thought, especially as the further you get into business the more you are told to look, walk and act confidently; especially when you don't feel like keeping your chin up. But corporate events are the...

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