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The Batak Pro: Simple, Fun and Effective

14 / 03 / 2013

When it comes to physical training and coordination exercises, most of the popular workouts and training routines are not easily accessible, quite repetitive and simply just not fun. Performing the same exercise routine day after day isn't challenging. It's also extremely hard to get a solid feeling for how well you've improved throughout your training without any sense of competition. When you're challenged during a workout, that's when adrenaline starts pumping and you begin to truly feel stronger and faster. That's where the Batak Pro comes in.

The Batak Pro offers a much different workout routine than anything you may be used to. It's an electronic device that's a physical training device but is also an interactive tool that can be used to increase your hand-to-eye coordination, speed up your reflexes and compete against your own personal times or against other people. The Batak Pro works almost like an advanced competitive gaming device, but it's made with both the serious athlete and anyone who is looking to become faster and better coordinated in mind.

How the Batak Pro Works

Twelve bright liquid crystal LED lights are arranged in a particular order on the front surface of the Batak Pro that stretches out in front of your body. A microcomputer inside the unit then causes each light to flash in either a set or random pattern. The speeds and light styles of the patterns can be completely customised. The user must push the large buttons that are on each light within a certain amount of time in order to score points.

It kind of sounds like a video game so far, right? The Batak Pro is much more than a game, however. Each light is placed at a certain distance away from one another. This forces you to move quickly while stretching and reaching in order to hit every button. The light patterns are designed to give you an intense workout. The faster you set the lights to flash, the faster you will be moving.

How the Batak Pro Makes Training Fun

The unique shape of the Batak wall  forces you to not only move fast, but also react fast. A system like this is fantastic for hand-to-eye coordination because first you must see where you need to move, and then you must react accordingly. It's almost akin to a sport like fencing, but without all of the expensive required equipment.

The Batak Pro is ideal for athletes who prefer to train alone, but it's also a great group activity since trainers can compete against each other for the best times and scores. With two back top back units back to back the Batak Pro can be customised to allow two people to use it at apparently at once, both on either side of the machine. This allows training athletes to face off against each other without the need to take turns. 

Due to the vast number of settings on the Batak Pro, it's also extremely easy to ramp up the difficulty of a progressive training regime. By slowly increasing the settings, you not only become confident in your training sessions, but you challenge yourself to become better and better. This is one of the most rewarding aspects of physical training, of course, and one that is very central to the Batak Pro. 

Since the Batak Pro operates similar to a video game, it essentially provides a workout session that does not feel like a workout session. You're not forced to count calories, mess with weights or hire a professional trainer in order to use the Batak Pro. All you need is a bit of space and a goal in mind. 

Since you are so focused on the lights, colours, points and that goal, you are no longer stressing over how effective your training session is. You're simply having fun. And because the Batak Pro was designed with athletes in mind, you never have to worry about accidentally harming the device due to being too rough.

The Bottom Line

The Batak wall is a fantastic physical training device that's both fun and effective. Its strength is in its simple design but also in the various customisations and settings it features. It's great for dedicated athletes as well as casual fitness enthusiasts who love a simple, fun way to stay in shape.


Author: Elliot Starmer

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The Batak Pro: Simple, Fun and Effective

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