Hire New Equipment 2019

We have a wide range of new equipment for 2019

New Equipment for 2019

We are looking at updating a large amount of stock in 2019, we have quite a few bookings for this coming year and feel that the stock rotation and increase of similar stock will be paramount in keeping ES Promotions at the forefront of the game and exhibition equipment hire market. We have looked at a number of competitors and suppliers and find out that this year there is not much new equipment on the market. We hire side stalls throughout the year and have decided to make our green and white vertical stalls a bit more modern with a bright and colourful finish. Our funfair stalls hire is extremely busy in the Summer at company fun days, we have the coconut shy hire, the roll a coin hire the cork shoot hire, the dart a card hire and much more.

Hire Human Table Football

We hire human table football games throughout the UK and have a series of over twenty bookings coming up for a series of Sausage and Cider festivals. We will have a new human table football game commissioned and this will be ready for the first event in March. The side stall hire and the human table football game will be a great upgrade of the stock.

Hire Arcade Grabbers

We have become the UKs largest hirer of the arcade grabbers and claw machines for hire. We have 4 in stock and have been offered the chance to buy back another 4 arcade claw machines that have been in a store in London and served their promotional campaign. The Uniqlo store promotion has been a great success, here customers who spent a certain amount of money had the chance to have a go on the arcade grabber and win prizes or vouchers off future purchases. The arcade grabbers are also great attractions at exhibitions to use as give aways. For the exhibition and conference market we hire batak wall games, these are a great speed reaction game, you have 30 seconds to strike out as many lights as possible. We have 3 batak walls for hire and will be looking at getting another 2 batak games. The batak wall is supplied with a scoreboard so you can have a winner over the course of the event.

We will also be keeping our eye on the market and see how certain sectors develop, we are interested in the new Virtual Reality games, but feel these need to be made more industrial, otherwise we are only hiring out the home style sets, which will not be rigorous enough to sustain the constant use at parties and exhibitions. We will add any new equipment to the News folder as they come in.

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