Scalextric Track Hire

Scalextric Track Hire for Parties and Events.

We hire Scalextric to a wide range of clients and venues, from car owners clubs, car dealerships, parties and motor racing circuits. When you hire Scalextric you get a great track, track Marshalls to organise the races and the best racing experience around. We hire Scalextric sets to exhibitions, here the 2 lane Scalextric is best due to space constraints but we also hire 4 lane Scalextric, hire 6 lane Scalextric and hire 8 lane Scalextric. Many of the sets for the Scalextric track hire now are digital, this allows more than one car to race on any lane and also overtaking options.

Scalextric Hire

The Scalextric hire is great for team building events and also for parties, the Scalextric hire will keep large numbers of guests entertained and you can even put up a trophy for the fastest racer. The Scalextric sets look great and the best thing is there are the Scalextric Marshalls who will put the cars back on the track for you. The Scalextric hire is great for all ages and is great fun at every event. The Scalextric hire is very popular at Christmas time for the office parties and is always in demand.

Scalextric Track Hire

The Scalextric track hire is a great promotion at car dealerships when they are launching new vehicles and if it is an evening event, great when you have other motorised games like the F1 simulator or the remote-control cars. The Scalextric track hire is available in a variety of lay outs and is always very popular, the great thing with the Scalextric track hire is that you can wander up and have a quick go or race as long as you want – you can even have Scalextric competitions at your events. The Scalextric track hire is great at fun days – here we do need to be under cover though.

Hire Giant Scalextric

We hire giant Scalextric throughout the UK and it is always very popular, this is a great fun game for all ages we have all played before. When you hire giant Scalextric you can also add your own vehicles if you wish, if you are promotions a specific brand of vehicle. Hire giant Scalextric for your next party or promotion and we guarantee you will have a lot of fun. Hire giant Scalextric fun for your next event and we will supply the best Scalextric layouts, the best Scalextric cars and the best Scalextric fun for your guests.

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